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Which Industries Require Cleanrooms?

The purpose of the cleanroom is to use air filters and positive pressure to ensure that the area is free of particles and pollutants while working on the crucial processes. The tiny particles on air and on the surfaces of the equipment or clothes can damage these sensitive processes by affecting the product quality, or even injure the personnel. Overall, cleanrooms are critical in in these industries where external contaminants can ruin the production, negatively impact product quality, or in some cases hurt employees.

For the below industries, cleanrooms are a necessity and without the development of cleanrooms our modern life would be drastically different. For example, cell phone and computer chips require a particle free cleanroom environment otherwise, they would stop working after a very short life time due to the particle contamination. The food we eat would be contaminated with pathogens that could get people sick, or sterile medical products and implants would not be sterile.

Therefore, below are the eight industries that require cleanrooms for their clean/particle free processes.


The importance of particle free environment is indisputable when it comes to the pharmaceuticals. Even the slightest contamination can ruin the medication and harm the patients who are depended on them. As a result, cleanrooms are a basic need for pharmaceutical businesses to ensure the safety, standards, and the quality of their medicines.

In addition, during the production of sterile pharmaceuticals, cleanrooms need to be constantly inspected and sterilized. Our touch screen monitors provide accurate readings of the BMS levels to monitor the particle levels and the overall cleanness of the cleanrooms.

Medical Device Manufacturers

Cleanrooms are also required in the medical filed where the medical products are designed, tested, and produced. Especially, implants that are placed in people’s bodies need to be completely sterile and free from contamination. Otherwise, the foreign particles that enters the body of a person through these implants would cause many health issues on the patients.

Optic Manufacturers

All industries that provide the cameras, microscopes, telescopes, and other important lenses are manufactured in a cleanroom. Having a clean an undisturbed vision while looking through these lenses is critical. Without the support of cleanroom environments, there would be microscopic dust particles stuck between the layers of the lenses to obscure the clear view and significantly reduce the effectiveness and quality of these lenses. When working on a microscopic level, it is important to eliminate the outside factors to focus on the object. Without eliminating the contaminants, it would be much more challenging to achieve scientific breakthroughs.

As a result, it is critical that the optic sector produces all types of lenses in a cleanroom control environment.

Electronic Manufacturers

Most of the electronic devices that we use today are a product of the cleanroom environments. Microprocessors in the computers, phones, TVs and other electronic devices require dust free surface. Even the slightest inclusion of particles that are trapped inside these electronical devices would cause damage.

With the improvement of the high-resolution screen displays, it is even more critical to keep the production free of impurities in order to maintain product quality.

Therefore, without the cleanrooms, nanotechnology developments would not be achievable.

Aerospace Manufacturers

The space advancements and air travel has to function with precision. In these critical moments, operators have to depend on the properly operating machinery. Many of the microscopic parts that are used in the planes and spacecraft are manufactured in cleanroom conditions. The contaminant free environment is essential in the faultless functioning of the aerospace machinery.

Furthermore, when the space samples are brought back to the Earth for examination, they have to be completely clean and uncontaminated from the Earthly matter. In the history, scientist discovered that the germs that they have observed on these space samples were actually contaminated on Earth due to the lack of sterile cleanroom environment and proper monitoring.


Researchers, as previously said, require wonderfully clean images via their microscopes in order to see their data. In the medical field, we've seen how impurities in pharmaceutical processes can lead to faulty treatment.

As a result, it's not surprising that some labs use cleanroom technology to keep the research area clean. These unwanted contaminants can impact the data and the accuracy of the information that is obtained while damaging the samples. Researchers rely on the accuracy of their readings that are not influenced by the outside particles. Cleanrooms conditions provide consistent results and precise readings.


Many government facilities use cleanroom technology; including the military. Developing world’s leading technologies and defense mechanisms supported by the cleanrooms by blocking the interference from the outside contaminants. The military sector was the first organization that established the proper cleanroom standards.

Military is responsible for the development of modern age cleanroom technologies. For example, during WWII, the trigger systems of the weapons were compromised resulting the misfires. However, the success rate of the triggers were 100 percent improved when they are produced in the cleanroom conditions.

Solar Panel Manufacturers

Solar energy is still developing and will be more available in the near future. There are automobile manufacturers who are working on the electric cars and planes that does not require plug-in charging, where the only source of energy is their solar panels. Solar power will be one of the most popular energy source across the world, and we will be seeing more countries with these implications on their roofs, cars, and more. The production of the solar cells is identical to microprocessor production. As a result, they need to be manufactured in the same way under the strict cleanroom conditions.

Solar panels have to operate at a maximum efficiency at a microscopic level, even the slightest particle can reduce the solar cell’s output effectiveness significantly. Therefore, the solar panels components need to be constructed in a cleanroom environment to ensure the quality of the required specifications.

Packagers of Food

Nowadays, the food packaging industry also relies on the cleanrooms to provide healthier products free of germs to avoid contamination. Customers are now more aware and focused on the processing and the quality of the food that they are getting. In addition to protecting the food from external bacteria and microbes, packaging under the cleanroom condition even extends the product shelf life.

Therefore, most of the food packaging is done in the large cleanroom facilities.

Does Your Business Require Modular Cleanrooms?

If you are involved in one of these industries or if your production requires cleanrooms, we can help support your organization by providing the modern, stainless steel modular cleanrooms from Europe. We manufacture under strict European Standards and quality controls. If you know that your business requires a cleanroom, if you would like to upgrade your existing cleanroom environment, or if you believe adding cleanrooms improve your product quality contact us today. We work with successful business in the U.S. and Europe by supplying their modular cleanrooms. To ensure the proper installation, we provide our engineers as a supervisor during the assembly process at your site. Our production facility operates under the world’s latest technology and years of accumulated modular cleanroom expertise.

Our precise sensors and cutting-edge manufacturing technology when making your cleanrooms gives you the assurance that whichever industry you are in, you can depend on our modular cleanrooms.

Your modular cleanroom’s monitors will provide you with the real-time contamination levels which saves your time, money, and ensures your production quality.

If you are considering a world’s leading modular cleanroom supplier contact us now by emailing to, so we can get started with your cleanroom projects and proposals.


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