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Contact us for your custom design disposable or reusable medical scrubs. Increase your brand recognition and customer loyalty by placing your logo and business name on the chest area. 

Almost all patient care personnel at hospitals in the United States or Europe must wear medical scrubs while on duty, as do their support staffs in doctor, dental, and veterinary offices.

Medical Scrubs are especially important in environments that have a high potential for germ transmission and hazardous chemicals.

Our manufacturing times are very short and we are easily accessible every step of the way. 

Fabric: SMS - 40 GSM

Comfortable & Protective

Intended Use: Our high-quality medical scrubs are designed to promote a clean and protected environment for the healthcare personnel and their patients. Wearing of medical scrubs outside clothing barriers the unwanted pathogens. They are used by doctors and dental offices, veterinarians, laboratories, and other healthcare centers. One of the widely used personal protective equipment option.


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