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Fabric: SMS, 35 GSM 

Generous size lab coats are breathable, protective, and comfortable for everyday use.


Sterile (EO) & Non-Sterile

Includes: Front pockets, a front zipper (or snap buttons), and elastic wrists.

Fabric: SMS 40 GSM

Generous size lab coats are breathable, protective, and comfortable for everyday use.


Sterile (EO) & Non-Sterile 

Includes: A front pocket, a front snap buttons, and knit cuffs.

1235066 Catalogue number.png


We have quick lead times between two to four weeks for orders less than 400,000 pieces. Our factory location in Eastern Europe provides faster shipping and less congession.

We work with succesfull distributors in the US and Europe by manufacturing the highest quality disposable protective clothing (PPE) for healthcare centers. 

Our manufacturing process follow strict European guidelines and quality controls. Email us today to get started with your order. Also, don't forget to ask us about private labeling option for your high-quality products.

Our highly professional team is very accessible during and post production.  


Intended Use: A white coat, often known as a lab coat or smock, is a knee-length overcoat worn by medical professionals or health personnel who work in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and veterinarians. The coat serves as a simple uniform (PPE) that provides minimum barrier by protecting health personnels' street clothing.

Available in Non-sterile


Comfortable Fit

Tri-Layer SMS fabric with meltblown filters the harmful substances effectively.


Elastic Wrists

Elastic wrists provides a secure fit and full range of motions.


Knit Cuffs

Knit cuffs provides even more protection and secure fit while allowing full range of motions.

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