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About Us

The Modern Noble International LLC Healthcare Segment:

Providing Our Partners With The Highest-Quality Products That They Need to Lead in The Innovative Healthcare Space.

We are determined to provide advanced product solutions in the healthcare sector; because a healthy society means happy people who can achieve more and help more. We can create a world where everyone in a health care setting is protected.

Our Story

Modern Noble International LLC supplies exceptional quality products for our distributors in the U.S. and Europe. Our main difference comes from our manufacturing location being in Europe and following strict European Standards and proper quality controls. 


Our distributor partners and their end-users in healthcare centers trust us with their inventory, protection, and health. 

The recent Covid-19 outbreak has demonstrated that our Trust Medically team can meet and exceed the expectations of our distributors and their end-users regardless of the circumstances.


Reasons to partner with us;

  • We are one of the most qualified disposable medical apparel suppliers in the U.S. Market 

  • Every product made exceeds expectations

  • Highly responsive team in the U.S. and Europe

  • Private labeling and excellent packaging design  

  • Large manufacturing capacity and quick lead times

  • CTPAT compliant factory warehouse 

Trust Medically 

Modern Noble International LLC, 2018

Our high-quality disposable medical apparel and face masks are distributed worldwide by our business partners in the United States and Europe. Our production facility in Istanbul, Turkey, adheres to strict European quality control and guidelines.

According to the CDC, 1 out of every 25 hospital patients contracts an illness as a consequence of their stay.
In 2011, 700,000 individuals became ill and 75,000 died as a result of hospital-acquired illnesses.

We should do everything possible to reduce this number to zero.

Strict Standards & Quality Controls
Custom Made Products
High-Quality Fabrics
Quick Lead Times
Cutting-edge Technology
Automated Systems
Wide Range of Availability
Perfect Fit & Comfort
99% BFE
Generous Cut
Breathable Fabric
Taped Seams
Medical Fold
Attention to Detail
Ultrasonic Seams
Clean Production
EO Sterilization
Large Sterilization Capacity
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