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Trust Medically | The UL-Certified & Prefabricated Cleanroom Supplier in the U.S. | Made in Europe

Trust Medically is one of the best cleanroom suppliers in the United States, because our precise production, UL-certified prefabricated cleanrooms, and strict quality control process ensures that our business partners and their end-users are getting premium quality cleanroom structures and cleanroom parts.

Our focus is on long-term business partnerships, and we make sure that our partners are truly satisfied with their results. We have one of the most responsive teams that can answer your questions in a timely manner. Once we conclude our initial meeting, we provide our proposal along with the production, delivery, and assembly details to our partners.

Our prefabricated cleanrooms’ electronic components are CE-certified and UL-listed. Our UL certification includes building codes for each city and state in the U.S. as well. Once we finalize the designs, we submit them to the UL team for each project to get their approval, which guarantees that our partners are getting fully compliant prefabricated cleanrooms with confidence.

In addition, we package each panel and part carefully, which provides greater protection against dents or scratches during shipment. All of our business partners agree that we provide the best service in the prefabricated cleanroom market.

We also manufacture, modular and conventional cleanrooms, cleanroom LED lights, cleanroom air showers, cleanroom pass boxes, cleanroom ceilings (walkable and non-walkable), cleanroom wall panels (HPS, stainless steel, galvanized steel, or powder coated steel), cleanroom fan filter units, cleanroom cross over bench, cleanroom lockers, cleanroom touch screen, touchless (infrared) control systems, and disposable cleanroom apparel.

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