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Prefabricated Modular & Conventional Cleanrooms - Made in Europe

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Trust Medically’s exclusive manufacturing partner has over 1,000 employees and project references in more than 40 countries including the United States. Our manufacturing capacity is 32,291 ft2 (3,000 m2) and has completed over 1,076,391 ft2 (100,000 m2) prefabricated cleanroom projects in the last five years.

Trust Medically provides design, manufacturing, installation, qualification, and post-purchase services. We have conventional and modular prefabricated turn-key cleanroom solutions. Our skilled production team handles everything from start to finish.

Trust Medically custom-manufacture high-quality cleanroom panels and their parts;

Partition: HPL, Powder Coated Steel, Stainless Steel, Glass, and kerrock, doors, pass-through boxes, fan filter units, downflow booths (MSC Class II), Lights, Cross Over Benches, Lockers, Interlocking System, modular cleanroom PODs, Plenum Boxes, Diffusers, Variable Volume Dampers, etc.

More than 70 percent of the materials are manufactured at our production facilities. By the end of 2023, we will start our new modular isolator Pods production as well.

Cleanroom Design;

In the design process, we provide cleanroom GMP consultation, URS, concept design, basic design, detail design, and design qualification. Over 90 percent of our projects are designed with REVIT.

Cleanroom Fabrication;

We use laser cutting (S4P4) to precisely follow your custom cleanroom designs along with the paneling line, profiling line, and painting line of 16,145 ft2 (1,500 m2). At the welding workshop area, our certified and extensively trained welders carefully connect the essential parts together, and at the glass workshop area, we manufacture the glass panels and parts. Finally, at the assembly workshop, we put everything together and have your cleanrooms and their parts ready for shipment.

Cleanroom Packaging and Transport;

When it comes to packaging, we do not take any chances. Your cleanroom panels and their parts are carefully packaged to handle multiple loading, unloading, ocean, land, or rail transportation. We make sure that once you receive your products they are in pristine condition and free of scratches or dents.

Cleanroom Partition (Multiwall Solid Panels);

The multi-wall solid panels provide great flexibility with their independent and lightweight panel construction. The panels are custom manufactured for your cleanroom projects, pre-engineered, pre-fabricated, and easily installed on-site. The cleanroom multi-wall solid panels are available in a variety of material options ranging from galvanized steel with many Pantone color options to stainless steel.

Cleanroom Installation and Facility Support;

We deliver only high-quality products with competitive pricing through our skilled and trained employees to exceed the expectations of our customers in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. HPS80 system panels are made of 0.8mm (0.03” inch) powder coated galvanized steel on both sides. Our panels and all of the accessories comply with cleanroom requirements. System thickness is 80 mm (3.15” inch) on walls and 60 mm (2.36” inch) on ceilings. Profiles, glazing panels, and doors are fully flush and make a perfect match with GMP.

HPS45 system panels are made of 4 mm (0.16” inch) HPL on both sides. Our panels and all of the accessories comply with cleanroom requirements. System thickness is 45mm (1.77” inch) on walls and 43 (1.69” inch) mm on ceilings.

Cleanroom Glazing Panels

Profiles, glazing panels, and doors are fully flush and make a perfect match with GMP. It allows our customers to design unique projects by giving them all of the benefits of a Clip-in system in special dimensions. Glazing panels are made of 3+3 mm (0.12” + 0.12”) laminated glass. The thickness of panels varies according to the panel system our customers seek. Dimensions are chosen regarding project needs. For emergency exit glazing panels, 6 mm (0.24”) tempered glass is used for safety reasons.

Cleanroom Doors

We manufacture doors to our customer's specifications and needs. Door and leaf frames are made of aluminum profiles. The door leaf can be either fully glazed or galvanized steel with or without windows. If requested, kick plates are available as well. All accessories of doors such as; handles, door closers, magnetic locks, and key locks are chosen specifically based on their needs. Doors are fully flush with our systems and come with any RAL color.

Cleanroom Pass-Through Boxes

Our pass-through boxes are specifically designed for a safe transfer of materials, classified area to classified area, or classified area to a non-classified area. They are manufactured for the most demanding controlled environment applications. All components are designed for maximum chemical resistance and enhanced durability for long service life.

Cleanroom Interlocking Systems;

Our touchscreen interlock control systems are manufactured in-house and can operate a number of functions depending on our customers’ needs. Our touchscreen performs interlock functions for the doors, which can have card or fingerprint access readers added for authorized access. Our touchscreen interlocking systems can communicate with all BMS and EMS systems, including various alarm and emergency functions, and light controls, as well as provide environmental information from the BMS and EMS systems; such as pressure, relative humidity, and temperature.

We are constantly working on adding upgrades and new functionality to this product, so please talk to us regarding your specific-use requirements. We are confident that we will exceed your specific needs.

Cleanroom Led Lighting

We design and manufacture our own luminaries to an IP65 specification, which ensures that the ingress of dust and moisture is prevented. Our luminaries are intended for use in areas where maintaining a clean atmosphere is necessary. Maintaining room integrity is our first concern when producing cleanroom lighting. Combining our cleanroom knowledge, design expertise, and in-house manufacturing capabilities, we are able to produce lighting solutions to the most rigorous specifications. In addition, we can also customize our existing products to suit our customer’s unique needs.

Cleanroom Furniture

We manufacture lockers that are suitable and compatible with all cleanroom change areas. Since we manufacture ourselves, we can produce our COBs in a variety of requested specifications based on your needs or preferences. Our cleanroom COBs can store overshoes, cleanroom-grade shoes, or outdoor footwear. Another advantage of our COBs is that they can create a barrier in your cleanroom entrance and the gowning area between clean and dirty areas. In addition, we can manufacture them to be resistant to shocks, scratches, or chemicals.

Garment cubicles are designed to meet the needs of the necessary equipment, which is easy to clean and produced from stainless-steel sheets. The cubicles are suitable and compatible with all cleanroom change areas; ventilated or non-ventilated freestanding with adjustable feet, or completely flush between walls, flooring, and other lockers. We can produce garment cubicles to any non-standard configurations and specifications.

Cleanroom HVAC

Trust Medically also supplies ductwork, variable air dampers, constant air volume dampers, PIPES, silencers, plenum boxes, diffusers, grilles, etc.

Cleanroom Fan Filter Unit (FFU)

Fan filter units are stand-alone units with integrated HEPA filters, fans, and control systems. The aerodynamic design of the housing provides optimal airflow and noise reduction.

Cleanroom Plenum Box and Swirl Diffuser

The Plenums box is used for the installation of square and rectangular culverts. Airflow can be adjusted by a valve or damper placed at the entrance of the plenum and the air is given to the environment.

The Plenum box is made of DKP sheet metal. We can configure the products that we paint with an electrostatic powder coating according to various ceiling types and use most suspended ceiling systems with the help of a hanging tool. They come as three sets; diffuser, box, and HEPA filter.

Cleanroom Down Flow Booth Unit (DFB)

Keeping workers safe from airborne particles that can damage their health is a legal requirement across many industries and under various regulations around the world. The safer working environment and high levels of protection DFBs provide (as an alternative to other heavy personal protection equipment) have led to the adoption of this clean air technology across pharmaceutical, healthcare, food, and many other industries.

Multi-purpose and Prefabricated Cleanroom MODs

We have created and developed turnkey prefabricated modular cleanroom solutions, which is a flexible mobile, and scalable for any cleanroom need. Prefabricated cleanrooms can be designed and produced in just weeks, saving significant production and installation time.

Contact us today at or by dialing +1(310) 507-8003

International: +1(925) 914-7113


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