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Surgical Isolation Gowns

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Surgical gowns are classified as Class II Medical devices which require 510 (k) premarket notification before we export them to the U.S. Our surgical gown is designed to be worn by healthcare personnel during surgical procedures to protect both the personnel and the patients from harmful microorganisms, bodily fluids, and liquid borne pathogens. Surgical gowns are sterilized, specially folded, and placed in air-vacuumed bags.

Some parts of the surgical gowns are considered as critical zones. These critically important zones are the front of the body from the top of the shoulders to the knees and the arms from the wrist cuff to above the elbow. Our labeling indicates if a gown is a sterile surgical gown or a non-surgical isolation gown.

We are looking forward to working with you to provide the best quality SMS Fabric medical gowns from Eastern Europe to the United States. We are the only supplier of medical gowns from Europe to satisfy hundreds of reputable customers in the United States. Our office is located in Los Angeles, CA.

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