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Non-Surgical Medical Isolation Gowns

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Medical gowns are one of the essential personal protective equipment for doctors, nurses, dentists, vets, and any other healthcare workers. Trust Medically medical gowns are designed to protect the wearer from liquid borne pathogens such as harmful microorganisms, viral infections (ex. Covid-19), and bacteria. A medical gowns is one of the most important parts of an infection and control strategy to protect our front-line workers and their patients.

Trust medically offers different gowns in the medical field, which includes surgical gowns and non-surgical isolation gowns. Surgical gowns are sanitized, folded, and packed in special air-vacuumed bags.

Non-surgical can be used in many other areas in the hospital.
Non-surgical medical gown

Trust medically supplies level 1, level 2, and level 3 medical gowns. The higher-level ratings show that the barrier resistance against liquids and harmful microorganisms is stronger.

- Level 1: Medical gowns provide minimal risk and can be used in standard isolation rooms and as a protective cover for visitors, or in standard medical units.

- Level 2: Medical gowns are used during blood draws, local surgeries, in intensive care units, or in pathology laboratories.

- Level 3: Medical gowns are used in emergency rooms, invasive surgeries, and trauma cases.

The labels on the medical gowns should specifically identify the intended use (sanitized/ non-sanitized) and the desired level of protection.

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