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Modular Cleanroom Production Made in Turkey | Distributed in the U.S.

Trust Medically is the exclusive distributor in the United States for pre-fabricated modular cleanrooms. Our modular cleanrooms are manufactured in Turkey under strict standards and quality controls. Once we gather all the project requirements from our customers, our production team puts together a proposal to go over all of the details before finalizing the production. Our modular cleanrooms come disassembled and are easily put together at the site. We can even provide a supervisor from Turkey to train your team on the assembly and making the appropriate connections.

The Modular Cleanroom market is growing rapidly due to two main factors. First, they provide an efficient and effective solution in today's industrial environment where a compliant cleanroom space is required. Secondly, there are many advantages that come with modular cleanroom manufacturing, such as ease of installation, reduced on-site construction costs, and flexible design options, which can be tailored to meet specific needs in any area or application.

Manufacturing modular cleanrooms is not a new concept. The idea of modular cleanrooms has been around for over a decade. However, the high standards and quality controls of our European manufacturers have made them the best option for the firms that are planning to purchase pre-manufactured/modular cleanrooms.

Our production time is only two to four weeks and ocean shipping takes three to five weeks to the major ports of the U.S. We work with successful cleanroom distributors in the United States by custom manufacturing our cleanrooms specific to their customers’ projects and locations.

Email us today to schedule your consultation with our production team at


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