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Isolation Gown and Surgical Gown

Disposable Apparel & Cleanroom Manufacturer in EUROPE

Trust Medically, located in Los Angeles, CA supplies prefabricated steel cleanrooms and disposable protective apparel (PPE) from Turkey. We have a large manufacturing capacity with short lead times. Our clients are reputable distributors, wholesalers, healthcare centers, laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals, and other successful manufacturers in the B2B space. 


With over 35 years of cleanroom manufacturing experience, our production team has streamlined cleanroom design, build, and validation processes 

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Multi-purpose, prefabricated, steel, and modular Cleanroom PODs are made with a cutting-edge manufacturing process where every detail is planned carefully and executed by our skilled manufacturing team. Our modular cleanrooms are used by isolation or intensive care units, operating theatres, laboratories, and production facilities. 

Can be modified and extended anytime in the future. The production time is only two weeks. 

We Provide European-Made HPL, Stainless Steel, or Galvanized Steel Prefabricated Cleanrooms in the B2B Space.



Modular cleanrooms are easily assembled at the site; therefore, a very minimal installation is required. We can even provide a supervisor to assist and educate your assembly team with the installation. We also have an easy-to-follow manual for your future project assemblies. In addition, our modular cleanroom units can be modified/extended for future changes or updates. 

Cleanliness level Grade B, C, and D according to EU GmbH.

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High-Performance & Comfort AAMI Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 options are available.

Manufacturing time is only 2 to 3 weeks.

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Breathable & Durable

AAMI Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 options are available.

Custom packaging and labeling is provided.


Protective & Liquid Proof

AAMI Level 2 and Level 3 options are available.

Contact us for private labeling and custom design options.


Modern & Protective

Disposable and reusable options are available.

Contact us for custom designs and requests.


Contact us for additional requests or questions. We will get back to you in 24 hours.

Review our surgical caps, bouffant caps, shoe covers, and boot covers. 

Why Our Partners Choose Us?

Trust Medically, Disposable Medical Apparel Manufacturing Facility in Istanbul, Turkey

Manufacturing in Europe

Our manufacturing facility operates under the strict European  guidelines, and our warehouses are CTPAT compliant
Disposable Medical Apparel Cases

Private Labeling

We work with successful distributors in the United States and Europe, and private label their products
Disposable Medical Apparel Boxes

Brand Development

Our highly skilled team creates custom catalogs, report sheets, brochures, and labels for your brand
Disposable Medical Apparel Quality Control

Strict Quality Controls

Manufactured products pass multiple quality checks, and we provide a detailed report after each production
Sterile Surgical Gown

Certifications & Test Reports

We provide extensive test reports and certifications for our high-quality disposable protective apparel (PPE)
Disposable Medical Apparel Containers

International Freight Support

We assist our partners with their shipments by providing the necessary documents to their shippers and customs brokers
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Strict Quality Controls & European Guidelines

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Our cleanroom business partners all around the world depend on our efficient production with short lead times.  We work with successful suppliers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia.

We supply only European Made prefabricated cleanrooms, and disposable protective apparel (PPE). Our manufacturing facilities are ISO, EN, and CE certified and follow strict guidelines. 

Through the simplified production and assembly processes of our prefabricated cleanrooms; many cleanroom suppliers, pharmaceutical industries, healthcare centers, and automotive and aerospace manufacturers prefer to work with us as a long-term business partner. This simple process allows our partners to focus on their business while we design, manufacture, and handle their installation.



European Made | Medical Apparel Manufacturer

European Made | Medical Apparel Manufacturer

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The Most Competitive Pricing
Prefabricated Cleanrooms & Disposable Cleanroom Apparel

Successful distributors in the United States and Europe private label their products and trust our cutting edge manufacturing facility in Istanbul, Turkey


Attached Hood Cover

Front Zipper Seal

Elastic Wrists

Attached Boot Covers

Surgeon Cap

Breathable Performance Fabric

Resistant to Flame, Abrasion, and Linting

Level 3 .png

Pathogen Protection

Shoe Covers

TS EN 13795-1 - EN ISO 9001 - EN ISO 13485 - ISO 14001 - ISO 22716



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Trust Medically, Surgical Gown and Isolation Gown

Trust Medically Difference 

  • Follows strict European Standardizations in certified manufacturing facilities

  • The most competitive wholesale pricing for your custom manufacturing and private labeling

  • Large manufacturing capacity that provides short lead times

  • Trusted freight forwarder partners ensure consistent, secure, and on-time shipments 

  • Highly-educated team with 24/7 accessibility will solve any unforeseen challenges 

  • Unique location in Turkey allows us to serve your customers in the United States and Europe

  • Our focus is on long-term business partnerships, and we are selective with our strategic partners

  • We are the leading premium textile supplier in the U.S. since 2018, and we operate in many other areas

  • Currently, we work with reputable medical distributors all over the U.S. and Europe

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